Outdoor & Nature Photography by Derek Grant

Mallard Drake in Flight Birds of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 159 photos)

Pieris rapae Butterflies & Moths of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 91 photos)
New Brunswick Autumn Foliage - Road to Nowhere New Brunswick Autumn Foliage
(Contains 150 photos)
Deer Island Light Lighthouses of New Brunswick
(Contains 40 photos)

Close Encounter Bay of Fundy Whales
(Contains 18 photos)

Kayaking the Mirage Sport & Recreation
(Contains 83 photos)

Window Gourds Autumn Festival
(Contains 45 photos)

Wired Ice The Great Ice Storm of 2013
(Contains 49 photos)

Dawning of the Deer Winterscape
(Contains 88 photos)
Rust.ic Hay Barn Macro New Brunswick Canada Old Barns & Buildings
(Contains 40 photos)
Oligostomis pardalis Bees, Beetles, Bugs
(Contains 40 photos)

Summer Sunset Sunset/Moonrise
(Contains 57 photos)

Ice Hut New Brunswick Canada Icefishing Ice Shacks
(Contains 114 photos)
Honey Mushrooms (Armillaria mellea) Flora
(Contains 22 photos)
Post-Tropical Storm Arthur - 3 Post-Tropical Storm Arthur
(Contains 14 photos)

Lord Beaverbrook Entourage - UNB 1931 Fredericton Canada Historic New Brunswick
(Contains 53 photos)
NB Historic Photos
Four-spotted Skimmer Dragonflies of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 43 photos)

Trinity Anglican Church Saint John New Brunswick 1783 Churches of New Brunswick
(Contains 126 photos)
Fundy Trail Parkway Coastline New Brunswick Canada New Brunswick Landscape
(Contains 216 photos)
Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta Sussex New Brunswick Canada Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta
(Contains 97 photos)
Slender Crab Spider Spiders of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 21 photos)
Federal Crimson Port of Saint John New Brunswick Canada Boats
(Contains 88 photos)
Bloomfield Creek Covered Bridge - interior Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
(Contains 94 photos)
Swimming Muskrat Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians
(Contains 68 photos)