Outdoor & Nature Photography by Derek Grant

Emden Goose Birds of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 159 photos)

Baltimore Checkerspot Euphydryas phaeton Butterflies & Moths of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 91 photos)
Autumn Sail Kennebecasis Bay New Brunswick Fall Foliage New Brunswick Autumn Foliage
(Contains 150 photos)
Minke Whale in Scenic Waters Bay of Fundy Whales
(Contains 18 photos)

Quaco Head Lighthouse - 2 Lighthouses of New Brunswick
(Contains 40 photos)

Canoeing the Kennebecasis Sport & Recreation
(Contains 83 photos)

Autumn Art - 2 Autumn Festival
(Contains 45 photos)

The Great Clean Up The Great Ice Storm of 2013
(Contains 49 photos)

Winter-Tyme Winterscape
(Contains 91 photos)
Rough in the Diamond Old Barns & Buildings
(Contains 40 photos)
Pedicia albivitta (f) - Giant Eastern Crane Fly Bees, Beetles, Bugs
(Contains 40 photos)

RYC Sunset Sunset/Moonrise
(Contains 57 photos)

Oh Canada! Ice Shacks
(Contains 132 photos)
Sunflowers Flora
(Contains 22 photos)
Post-Tropical Storm Arthur - 9 Post-Tropical Storm Arthur
(Contains 14 photos)

Unidentified Regiment St. John New Brunswick Canada Historic New Brunswick
(Contains 53 photos)
NB Historic Photos
Sympetrum obtrusum - mating pair Dragonflies of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 43 photos)

Peekaboo Procyon lotor Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians
(Contains 68 photos)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Saint John, NB Churches of New Brunswick
(Contains 126 photos)
Bayview Window New Brunswick Landscape
(Contains 219 photos)
Araneus diadematus Spiders of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 21 photos)
Off Old Sow Salmon Farming Vessel Boats
(Contains 88 photos)
Covered Bridge in Winter - New Brunswick Canada Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
(Contains 93 photos)
Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta
(Contains 97 photos)