Outdoor & Nature Photography by Derek Grant

Final Approach! Birds of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 166 photos)

Euphydryas phaeton Butterflies & Moths of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 91 photos)
Country Church in Autumn - New Brunswick Canada New Brunswick Autumn Foliage
(Contains 183 photos)
Watching Whales with Island Quest Tours Bay of Fundy Whales
(Contains 28 photos)

Head Harbor Lighthouse Campobello Island New Brunswick Canada Lighthouses of New Brunswick
(Contains 42 photos)

Animaland Cyclo Cross Weekend Sussex New Brunswick Canada Sport & Recreation
(Contains 86 photos)

Pumpkin Harvest Wagon Autumn Festival
(Contains 50 photos)

Frosted  Elm The Great Ice Storm of 2013
(Contains 49 photos)

Cold & Curious Winterscape
(Contains 90 photos)
Old Barns of New Brunswick Canada Old Barns & Buildings
(Contains 48 photos)
Coccinella septempunctata Bees, Beetles, Bugs
(Contains 41 photos)

Remains of the Day - Renforth Ice Fishing Hut New Brunswick Canada Sunset/Moonrise
(Contains 57 photos)

Ice Shacks New Brunswick Canada Ice Shacks
(Contains 134 photos)
Orange Hawkweed in June - 3 Flora
(Contains 22 photos)
Post-Tropical Storm Arthur - 14 Post-Tropical Storm Arthur
(Contains 14 photos)

Salmon & Trout Angling Leases NB Legislative Assembly Chamber 04/07/32 Historic New Brunswick
(Contains 61 photos)
NB Historic Photos
Lorneville United Church Saint John New Brunswick Canada ~ 1885 Churches of New Brunswick
(Contains 136 photos)
Bayview Window New Brunswick Landscape
(Contains 275 photos)
Shediac River #4 Covered Bridge - 1 Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
(Contains 96 photos)
Atlantic International Balloon Festival Sussex New Brunswick Canada Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta
(Contains 111 photos)
Phidippus clarus (f) Spiders of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 23 photos)
Ebony Jewelwing (male) Dragonflies of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 44 photos)

Procyon lotor Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians
(Contains 95 photos)
Lobster Boats @ St. Martins, NB Autumn Foliage Fall Leaves Boats
(Contains 127 photos)