Outdoor & Nature Photography by Derek Grant

Waiting for Mom Colaptes auratus auratus Birds of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 166 photos)

Boloria selene Butterflies & Moths of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 91 photos)
Clifton Royal - Kingston Penisula NB Canada Autumn Foliage New Brunswick Autumn Foliage
(Contains 181 photos)
Whale Blow Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae Bay of Fundy Whales
(Contains 28 photos)

Hampstead Wharf Lighthouse - New Brunswick, Canada Lighthouses of New Brunswick
(Contains 42 photos)

Snowkiting @ Rothesay, New Brunswick Canada Sport & Recreation
(Contains 86 photos)

Closed for the Season Autumn Festival
(Contains 50 photos)

Blue Christmas The Great Ice Storm of 2013
(Contains 49 photos)

Cold & Curious Winterscape
(Contains 90 photos)
Century Hay Barn Old Barns & Buildings
(Contains 47 photos)
Dance of the Honey Bee Bees, Beetles, Bugs
(Contains 41 photos)

Rothesay New Brunswick Canada RYC Sunset Sunset/Moonrise
(Contains 57 photos)

Ice Fishing Village New Brunswick Canada Ice Shacks
(Contains 134 photos)
Honey Mushrooms (Armillaria mellea) Flora
(Contains 22 photos)
Post-Tropical Storm Arthur - 9 Post-Tropical Storm Arthur
(Contains 14 photos)

King Street St. John NB Royal Hotel S. McDiarmid Historic New Brunswick
(Contains 53 photos)
NB Historic Photos
Argiope trifasciata Banded Garden Spider (female) Web Spinning Spiders of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 23 photos)
Deer Whisperer Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians
(Contains 95 photos)
Century Cottage New Brunswick Landscape
(Contains 274 photos)
Sailing the Bay of Fundy Boats
(Contains 121 photos)
Hoyt Station Covered Bridge New Brunswick Canada Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
(Contains 95 photos)
Goshen Roman Catholic Church Goshen New Brunswick Canada Churches of New Brunswick
(Contains 136 photos)
Atlantic International Balloon Festival Sussex New Brunswick Canada Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta
(Contains 111 photos)
Aeshna constricta: Mating Wheel Dragonflies of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 44 photos)