Outdoor & Nature Photography by Derek Grant

Turkey Vulture in Flight Cathartes aura Birds of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 158 photos)

Vanessa virginiensis Butterflies & Moths of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 90 photos)
Cow Barn in Autumn - New Brunswick Fall Foliage New Brunswick Autumn Foliage
(Contains 140 photos)
Whale Blow #2 Bay of Fundy Whales
(Contains 18 photos)

Renforth Lighthouse, Rothesay, New Brunswick Lighthouses of New Brunswick
(Contains 40 photos)

Sliding at Rockwood Park - 2 Sport & Recreation
(Contains 88 photos)

Pumpkin Harvest Wagon Autumn Festival
(Contains 42 photos)

Blue Christmas The Great Ice Storm of 2013
(Contains 49 photos)

Winter on the Hammond River Winterscape
(Contains 94 photos)
Barn of Yore Old Barns & Buildings
(Contains 40 photos)
Cimbex Americana Bees, Beetles, Bugs
(Contains 36 photos)

Sussex Sunrise Sunset/Moonrise
(Contains 53 photos)

Renforth Ice Fishing Village - Rothesay New Brunswick Canada Ice Shacks
(Contains 118 photos)
Happy Valentine's Day - Russula emetica group Flora
(Contains 22 photos)
Post-Tropical Storm Arthur - 8 Post-Tropical Storm Arthur
(Contains 14 photos)

Cambridge Covered Bridge Queens County New Brunswick Canada Historic New Brunswick
(Contains 44 photos)
NB Historic Photos
Bloomfield Creek Covered Bridge - interior Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
(Contains 94 photos)
Racket-tailed Emerald (f) Dragonflies of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 43 photos)

In Search of Lobsters Boats
(Contains 51 photos)
Eastern Chipmunk Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians
(Contains 67 photos)
Atlantic International Balloon Festival Sussex New Brunswick Canada 4 Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta
(Contains 74 photos)
Sea Kayaking Passamaquoddy Bay New Brunswick Canada New Brunswick Landscape
(Contains 166 photos)
Bronze Jumper (Eris militaris) @ Nest Spiders of Atlantic Canada
(Contains 21 photos)
Codys United Baptist Church Queens County New Brunswick Canada Churches of New Brunswick
(Contains 126 photos)